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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Security Software Links

Without security software, any computer with an Internet connection leaves you open to hackers, identity theft, and file corruption
. Before you settle in with your new software, make sure your machine is ready to protect you and your data.

Stop VirusesDetect and remove computer viruses. Many programs now include real-time antivirus protection.See all antivirus software

Remove SpywareDetect and remove spyware, adware, keyloggers, and other malware.See all spyware removers

Erect a FirewallPrevent hackers or malicious bots from accessing or gaining control of your computer.See all firewall software

Protect your Privacy OnlineKeep your personal information safe as you browse the Web.See all online privacy softwareEncrypt your Personal DataSecure personal files, directories, and drives on your PC.See all encryption software

Keep your Kids Safe OnlineKeep your kids safe (and your employees productive) by blocking adult content and logging keyboard activity and Web sites visited.See all monitoring software

Corporate SecuritySecurely delete files, monitor networks, encrypt data, manage terminal access, and utilize tracking software for evaluating employee behavior in both small business and larger companies.See all corporate security software

Block Pop-Ups
Prevent advertisements from popping up as you browse the Web. Many of these applications also stop Flash or banner ads in Web pages, prevent malicious cookies, and defend your computer from scripting exploits.See all pop-up blockers

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