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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


My solution:
Do not use IExplorer version<7! Better: uninstall it completely!
Use Firefox, Flock or Opera instead (with webpage-threat advisors as belarcAdvisor, Sitehound, wot and McAfeeSiteAdvisor)
Don't forget NoScript!
And hosts related software to protect zonemapping
Use Spybot Searcha&Destroy!

Product: ABetterInternet
Threat: Malware
Company URL:
Company privacy URL:
Installs an IE Browser Helper Object and delivers advertisement and promotional information while the user is surfing through the Internet. Also collects various information about the user like IP address, his operating system and so on.

Company: Media Motor
Product: MediaMotor
Threat: Adware
Company URL:
MediaMotor gets installed through trojan horses. It causes pop up windows on the desktop without user consent. It creates autorun entries in order to be launched on every Windows startup. It changes the Internet Explorer settings by adding the domain to the zonemaps.

Product: WindowsSecurityCenter_disabled
Threat: Security
if the Windows Security Center is disabled this entry will be shown
Malware can disable the Windows Security Center to make your System more vulnerable.
If you have other security software suit installed, this may also deactivate the Windows Security Center to avoid double warning messages.

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