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Monday, July 26, 2010

DMI Boot CD for Award-AMI-Intel BIOS

Source (Add SLP1.0 w/o modding) 

Last edited by 911medic; 03-11-2010

This is the original cd as posted goes to Suicide Solution..

Quote Originally Posted by Suicide Solution View Post
Here is a bootable CD ISO i threw together that will tattoo most all Award-AMI-Intel bios with the Hewlett-Packard string. It has a menu with options and shows keys needed with each HP Windows version. Can also exit to DOS so it can be ran manually if needed.
Manual Commands are:
I have added teh core8 AMI bios tools and DMI tools. DMICFG is included in this cd. It is bootable and can be used to insert any string valid in the dmi area, as well as change manufacturer strings, serials, asset tags, version numbers, model type, etc. It can be an extremely viable alternative to flashing a mod. I have actually never had it not work.
To see how the DMI utility works..hit "4" on boot to escape the tattoo program, then type dmi at the prompt. The options will be shown..
See Images....
ScanCode made a SATA happy version here... For USB sticks..very strong work!!!!
Mirror for the tools, with usb tool included..HERE...
first link..
second link...
OEMBIOS Changer..
Alternate changer link... changer installer.exe
thread for changer-----
Just a script tool(s) to CAB or Uncab the oembios files as necessary..Handy for either preparing for the OEMBIOS changer or adding to CD.. cab preps.rar..Contains a read me and "what goes here" tags..
The second one does not contain the dmicfg.exe..
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