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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Repairing corrupted partition table



This is a utility that handles ext2, FAT, NTFS, ufs, BSD disklabels (but not yet old Linux swap partitions); it actually will rewrite the partition table, if you give it permission.


GPART is a utility that handles ext2, FAT, Linux swap, HPFS, NTFS, FreeBSD and Solaris/x86 disklabels, minix, reiser fs; it prints a proposed contents for the primary partition table, and is well-documented.


  • Homepage: util-linux ?
  • Download: ?
  • Author: ?
  • Access: ?
  • License: ?
Recognizes ext2 superblocks, FAT partitions, swap partitions, and extended partition tables; it may also recognize BSD disklabels and Unixware 7 partitions. It prints out information that can be used with fdisk or sfdisk to reconstruct the partition table. It is in the non-installed part of the util-linux distribution.


  • Homepage: e2progs ?
  • Download: ?
  • Author: ?
  • Access: ?
  • License: ?
Small utility that finds blocks with the ext2 superblock signature, and prints out location and some info. It is in the non-installed part of the e2progs distribution.

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