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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Xyzel Wimax knowledge

First, make sure you have entered the user name and password correctly. The default user name is admin, and the default password is 1234. These fields are case-sensitive, so make sure [Caps Lock] is not on. Second, the user cannot login to the web configurator while someone is using Telnet to access the WiMAX Modem. Log out of the WiMAX Modem in the other session, or ask the person who is logged in to log out. Third, disconnect and re-connect the power adapter or cord to the WiMAX Modem.
If this does not work, you have to reset the WiMAX Modem to its factory defaults.  

Display status of WiMAX LED in MAX-2X6M1R series
RSSI stands for Received Signal Strength Indication. 
RSSI > -70dbm  (3 LEDs light up)
-70dbm > RSSI > -80dbm (2 LEDs light up)
-80dbm > RSSI > -90dbm (1 LEDs light up) 
-90dbm > RSSI  (0 LEDs light up) 

Currently,MAX-706 only supports the Windows XP and Vista systems

The maximum UDP package size transmission on WiMAX network is 1372 bytes. 

802.16m  is the next generation standard beyond 802.16e-2005 and will be adopted by the WiMAX Forum once the standard is completed in the 2009 time frame. 802.16m is considered to be a leading candidate as a 4G technology. The IEEE has defined its expected parameters for 802.16m and can be found on the IEEE web site.

NAP stands for Network Access Provider and it is the organization which provides the Layer 2 connectivity to the NSP (Network Service Provider) domain. An example of a NAP would be a WiMAX ASN (Access Service Network) operator, with the NSP being the CSN (Connectivity Service Network). 

NSP stands for Network Service Provider and describes the organization which provides layer 3 services to a subscriber which allows that subscriber to gain access to the PDN (Public Data Network). An example of this would be an ISP (Internet Service Provider) providing subscribers with connectivity to the Internet by using WiMAX service.

OFDMA is essentially a hybrid of FDMA and TDMA: Users are dynamically assigned subcarriers (FDMA) in different time slots (TDMA).
The advantages of OFDMA start with the advantages of single-user OFDM in terms of robust multipath suppression and frequency
diversity. In addition, OFDMA is a flexible multiple-access technique that can accommodate many users with widely varying applications, data rates, and QoS requirements. Because the multiple access is performed in the digital domain, before the IFFT operation, dynamic and efficient bandwidth allocation is possible. This allows sophisticated time- and frequency- domain scheduling algorithms to be integrated in order to best serve the user population.

WiMAX MIMO CPE supports the Downlink beamforming feature.
Term explanation: The incoming signals to a receiver may consist of desired energy and interference energy—for example, from other users or from multipath reflections. The various signals can be characterized in terms of the DOA or the angle of arrival (AOA) of each received signal. Each DOA can be estimated by using signal-processing techniques, such as the MUSIC, ESPRIT, and MLE algorithms. From these acquired DOAs, a beamformer extracts a weighting vector for the antenna elements and uses it to transmit or receive the desired signal of a specific user while suppressing the undesired interference signals. Currently, all the 
ZyXEL WiMAX MIMO CPE does support both the Antenna Diversity mode of Matrix A and Matrix B.

Help hacking Xyzel MAX-216M1R

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