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Thursday, July 29, 2010

SLIC Toolkit

SLIC Toolkit is a powerful SLIC extraction, backup, diagnostic, analysis, multi-functional green software. It has some intuitive and easy to use features that have been improved since the initial version of SLIC Dump Toolkit, which was well received by users. In addition to everything the original SLIC Dump Toolkit does this new version expands on that with new and improved features such as: BIOS information is displayed, SLP 1.0 diagnostics, serial number and certificate backup functions, SLIC diagnostic analysis capabilities and an ACPI tree structure display. On top of all these features I am still actively developing more new features and always improving on the existing ones.
The applications main functions and features are as follows:
1) Supports x86/x64 operating systems.
2) Supports automatic language switching from Chinese to English.
3) Quickly and accurately extract the serial number, certificate, SLIC and other information.
4) Supports backup of your serial number, certificate, SLIC and other information.
5) Supports the diagnosis of the backup BIOS DMI information to facilitate offline analysis.
6) Supports the correctness of diagnosis and analysis of the SLIC, showing details of results.
7) Supports ACPI tree structure display, similar to ACPIScope.
8) Supports ACPI table export function;
9) Supports linear memory data access function;
10)Supports linear memory data export function;
Statement of exemption from responsibility:
This tool only for technological research and validating vulnerabilities in the test environment. Does not involve the any copyrighted content, only for research and technological exchanges. Please delete within 24 hours, or for all the consequences arising from your own!
Some anti-virus software maybe report as a "virus"
"KRNLN.FNR " is Chinese "E language" Main(Core) library same as "MSVBVM60.DLL",
It is safe , don't mind it. 

Release Notes:
1. Support for ACPI tables to export function;
2. Supports linear memory data access function;
3. Support for linear memory data export function;
4. Statically compiled using "E Language" to Link, get Littler and faster;
5. Basically solve the false anti-virus software;
6. Support for Japanese and other language environment;
7. Fixed some other BUGs;
MD5: 589748FA6623657F542D91C6FDD7211D
SHA-1: 22A1D81B6DEE6D1CD2FE13124A8DA0DC5598384C

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