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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Modify the BIOS

If the loaders don't work for your computer, and you understand the risk this method imply, then you might try modding your BIOS.
WARNING: This method involves flashing your BIOS. If the flash fails or the modified BIOS is corrupted, your computer will stop working.
  1. Modify your BIOS:
    1. Type dxdiag in Start menu, press ENTER and look for your BIOS type.
    2. Go to the thread that belong to your type of BIOS in the Bios Mods > Bios Mod Requests sub-forum.
    3. If you're lucky, there is already a modified BIOS for your specific computer available to download (use the search function with your computer model or motherboard reference). If not, you can request that a volunteer makes one for you!
    4. Once you've got a modified version of your BIOS, update (flash) your motherboard with it.
  2. Activate Windows 7:
    1. Install a certificate that matches the SLIC's brand of your new BIOS.
    2. Install an OEM SLP key that matches your edition of Windows.

    For these last two steps you can use OpaTool, or do it manually (see section 6-F).
    Note: The certificate must match your SLIC's brand, while the key doesn't. However the key has to match your edition of Windows.
M. Do I really need to use a loader or to mod my BIOS?
If your computer is new, it might be possible that you don't even need to use a loader nor to mod your BIOS. To check that out, follow these steps:
  1. Download the SLIC DUMP ToolKit and run it as administrator (Right-click > Run as administrator).
  2. Select the tab "Advance".
  3. In the "SLIC Diagnosis" section, check if the version is "2.1", and check that there is no red color in the fields "PubKey", "Marker" and "Digital Signature".
  4. If the version is not "2.1" (e.g. "2.0"), or if there is text in red color, then you need to use a loader (or to mod your BIOS).
  5. Otherwise, if you do have SLIC 2.1, then you just need to install a certificate that matches your SLIC, and a valid OEM SLP key. Check out the instructions in section 6-F to install a certificate and a key.

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