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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Firewall leak tester (comparison of products 2006)

Firewalls outbound application filtering VS Leak Tests

WIN 2000/XP

Leaktest scoreboard explanation
This page gives you an overview of the needed things to know before looking at the results themselves, that you can reach by clicking the button "View Results" at the bottom of this page.

  • (1 pts) : This icon means that the firewall is 'passing' sucessfully the leaktests while setup properly.
  • (0,5 pts) : This icon means that the firewall is using a generic 'block' which is intercepting the leaktest at an earlier step, whereas there is no network access yet. While on one hand it can appear to be safer, on the other hand the technical alert given requires more knowledge from the user to do the right choice, which is less reliable than a sucessfull pass where the alert is about a network access. Moreover, these kind of protection will alert the user about many other legitimate activities which does not access the network.
  • (0 pts) : This icon means that the firewall is 'failing' the leaktest.
Global firewalls 'outbound application filtering' ranking
leaktest score (in %) based on the scoreboard

Firewall ver(build) Score * Rank * Award

Jetico 85,2% ADVANCED +

3.5.641.6214 74% ADVANCED

2.05p3 74% ADVANCED

Zone Alarm Pro
6.1.737.000 72.2% ADVANCED -

2006 ( 70,3% ADVANCED -

KIS6 59,2% HIGH -

PrivateFirewall 55,5% HIGH -

Sunbelt Kerio 40% MEDIUM -

1.1.005 35,2% MEDIUM -

Desktop Firewall
8.5(260) 33,3% MEDIUM -

NetOp 33,3% MEDIUM -

Personal Firewall Plus
7.0.152 18,5% LOW -

3.61.0002 18,5% LOW -

Zone Alarm Free
6.1.737.000 14,8% LOW -

Filseclab Pro 11,1% LOW -

Windows Firewall (SP2)
- 0% -


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