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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Firewall leak tester

Merci boucoup, Guillaume!
A "leak test" is a malware program that tries to connect to an outside server from a computer to give a hijacker access.

What is 'Firewall Leak Tester' ?
This website, on one hand, enables you to test your software personal firewall thanks to different test programs ('leaktests'), and on the other hand, shows a global vulnerabilities view of the most common personal firewalls in a summary page.
Firewall Leak Tester provides also documentation and advices to improve your security dramatically.

What Firewall Leak Tester is testing ?
Nowadays, threats from the Internet are growing, both from the inside and the outside.
To answer to a security need from Internet users (us), security software firms have created "personal firewalls", softwares acting like real hardware firewalls, but on user's computers.
These personal firewalls have network level filtering, that we will name "network filtering", and an outbound application filtering that we will name "software filtering".

Due to the fact that most of these personal firewalls offer reasonable protection against inbound attacks coming from the Internet, we will only study here their software filtering, outbound filtering that can be stressed by Trojans which try to initiate themselves by connecting to the outside to transmit data out.

To test this software filtering feature, many leaktests (""leak"" test) exist, they are programs created by different authors, each trying to bypass the personal firewalls with his own trick.

What is the purpose of Firewall Leak Tester ?

The purpose of this website is to inform users, to explain, and then to help improving your security.
1 - In a first part, if you are interested by the results themselves, you can check the scoreboard, use yourself the leaktests available on the left menu, and read the explanations available on the document page.
2 - In a second part, you can improve your security by reading the advices page and also the software page, to protect you againt every leaktest. Do not miss the reward page showing excellent sandbox softwares.
3 - Finally, you can check my personal software area on the left menu 'TOOLS', providing softwares I am doing on my spare time to improve Windows security.

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