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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hosts file Manager: HostsXpert

Written by funkytoad


Updated 7-27-2008

HostsXpert is an ultra-groovy Hosts file Manager, Editor and Helper-outter. Below you'll find a list of HostsXpert's functions. Just a Simple word of caution - Hosts files are not to be taken lightly -
Highly recommended reading

 Click Here to download HostsXpertImage
353kb  Includes help file (Win98 through Vista)    


  • Append File - Allows selection of a file to be appended to your current hosts file.
  • Replace File - Allows selection of a file to replace your hosts file.
  • Merge File - Allows selection of a file to be merged with your current hosts file.
  • Create Backup - Creates a Backup of you current hosts file. Backup file will be placed where ever HostsXpert.exe resides on your Hard drive.
  • Restore Backup - Restores the backup hosts file.
  • Restore MS Hosts - Restores the hosts file to Microsoft's original hosts file.
  • Add to Hosts Files - Adds the line item into your hosts file.
  • Delete Line - Deletes highlighted line from hosts file.
  • Toggle Comment - Toggles whether or not a line is a comment ('#').
  • Sort File - Sorts the current hosts file in alphanumeric order, removes all comment lines and duplicates.
  • Swap Localhost - Swaps the current hosts file between and
  • Remove Block Items - Removes all blocking lines in the current hosts file.
  • Copy to Clipboard - Copies the current hosts file to the clipboard.
  • Make Hosts read-only/writable toggle
  • Search - Enter text to be searched for, click Previous or Next.
  • Open in Memopad - Opens the Memopad built-in to HostsXpert. 
Save Hosts - Saves the Hosts file from Memopad.
Save As - Allows you to save the hosts file as a file other than "Hosts".
Save Hosts Exit Memopad - Saves the Hosts file from Memopad, and returns you to normal view.
Exit Memopad - Does not save changes.
  • Whitelist
Remove Whitelist Items -Removes whitelisted Domains from your hosts file.
Add Whitelist Items - Add the whitelisted domains back into your hosts file.
ViewWhitelist - Opens up your whitelist for direct editing.
Save and Exit Whitelist - Saves changes, and closes the editor.
Exit Whitelist - Exits the editor and Discards changes/does not save the whitelist
  • Download
    Merge with or Replace your existing hosts file with either MVPs Hosts file or HpHosts file.
New in v4.1 - You can check for updates via the download menu.
Both websites offer an email subscription service for notification of updates-
MVPsHosts can be found here
(Notification subscription info at bottom of page)
hpHosts found here
(Notification subscription info on download page)

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