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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Internet Explorer Security Zone Manager: ZonedOut

ImageWritten by funkytoad
Updated 9-7-2008
Need a way to Manage Internet Explorer's Zone's?
If so, then ZonedOut is for you. Add, Delete, Import, Export, Build a WhiteList and More.

ZonedOut v3.6 is a complete Internet Explorer Security Zone Manager.
Manage Zone Sites at the Current User and Local Machine level in style.
Includes a help file with General Usage notes, An outline of Commands, and the Freeware License Agreement. It is very important to read this help file.
(231 kb +/-)
Designed for Win2000 thru Vista

Important Notes:

  • Sites in Local Machine Key Zones apply to all users of a Computer. Current User Key Zone Sites Only apply to the individual users. When switching ZonedOut to operate on the Local Machine Key, ZonedOut is actually telling Internet Explorer (via the registry) to Use the Local Machine Key instead of the Current User Key.
  • Leaving ZonedOut set to the Local Machine key when you exit ZonedOut means that Sites loaded into the Current User Key are Ignored completely by IE. It is, and will remain an option to leave your computer set to Use the Local Machine Key only - However I do not recommend it in any case. ZonedOut will always warn you if you are exiting ZonedOut with your machine set to use the Local Machine Key.
  • Also note that Sites can be imported/added to the Local Machine Key if they exist in the Current User Key, However the opposite is not true i.e. If you try to import sites into the Current User key that exist in the Local Machine Key - they will Fail to import.

Known Issue (all versions) -If you have by chance "immunized" your computer with Spybot Search & Destroy, and use ZonedOut to "Remove All" restricted sites - ZonedOut will remove your trusted sites as well. Note that if you remove Spybot Search & Destroys Immunization the problem goes away...

Installing - Put ZonedOut.exe and ZonedOut.chm in their own directory. There is no installation. Simply delete the directory to "uninstall".

Includes a Help file - Read the help file.

Eric Howes is now creating a special version of his "IE-SPYAD" for ZonedOut. I highly recommend using this list.
-IE-SPYAD for ZonedOut information and download
-Eric's Privacy and Security Homepage

ZonedOut is brought to you by Donna. This is her Idea. She said "make me one of these."
Visit Donna and tell her funkytoad says "hi"
Her Site
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