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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Additional Safety Measures

Sandboxie is one of the best methods of ensuring your browsing remains safe. Sandboxie runs your programs in an isolated space (Sandbox) which prevents them from making permanent changes to other programs and data in your computer. A one-time registration fee of €22 Euros  will give you a life-time registration key to this and all future versions of the Sandboxie program.
ATF Cleaner is a temporary (temp) file cleaner that you are likely to have been asked to run while your computer was being cleaned of malware. In addition from clearing out all the junk that legitimate programs will leave behind when running, ATF cleaner will remove any malware files that get placed in temp file directories (Folders), so is well worth running every week or so.
SpamArrest is an online spam checker that works by having genuine emails confirmed once by the sender. If the email is not confirmed it will be moved to a junk folder for you to review online. You can add your entire address book into your list of accepted contacts so they will not have to go through the procedure. It is not free, but it is a very good way to get rid of spam email, and all the associated risks that go with it.
MailWasher allows you to preview emails before downloading them into your computer. You can delete them directly from the server if they are junk, thus reducing the likelyhood of downloading malicious attachments or emails with links to malware hidden as legitimate links. There is a free version or a paid Pro version.
Secunia Software Inspector allows you to check that your programs are up to date with the latest security updates. Many older software versions may contain security leaks, so it is worth running this check to make sure you have the latest patches.

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