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Monday, August 23, 2010


1Gbit or 1Gbyte? 1Gbit/8bit = 128Mbytes.
regarding the SONY MICROVAULT drive,

if your drive is not being recognized by the iformatter (Low Level Format Programme) & password programme downloaded from SONY Site, then your SONY Drive is for SURE FAKE !!!

You probably would have got a minicdrom drive, having 3 or folder namely "PP2201", "PP2202", Win98 etc

If you have the minicdrom having these folders then your USB Flash Drive controller (not saying the drive) is made by
PointChips [url][/url]

You would also have got the MangerX prgramme on the accompanied CDROM but that wouldnt have detected your FLASH Drive. If your FLASH DRIVE is detected & are able to format then you are among the very few lucky ones.

In order to solve the data corruption problem (which generally occurs after using the drive for sometime),
You need to Low Level format the USB Drive with the Formatter designed for the PP2201 controller.

There is download section at the Pointchips site but thas closed for open public. & furthermore the company doesn't provide the generic format utility FOR SECURITY REASONS (Ahh.. dunno what the legitimate users will do)
To be EXTRA SURE, you can physically see the CHIP on your SONY MICROVAULT, the two pieces of platic cover are easily detached with some force (Pull in Strainght Line - Dont bend).
Easier way is to have a extra strendth flash light, put it at some angle on the middle Translucent Part & you would see the "FreeDik PP2201" on the controller chip. Thas the 110% confirmation that your drive is using a Pointchip controller & coz of the you are unable to get Iformatter working. (probably the actual SONY Drive uses some other controller or some other PID )
Wanted to share this with you, so that anyuser who is gonna buy any FLASH drive, please make sure that you are able to RUN lowlevel format utility from the manufactures web site. DOnt trust the accompanied CDROM rather always get the latest drivers/utilties from the compnay site & check.

I also own a FAKE SONY 128U2 -- & thas giving data corruption problem.

PortFree Production Tool 3.16 and 3.20 for i5062-ZD and i5068-ZD (PDx8 v3.16, PDx8 v3.20)
My 4GB drive also shows corrupted folders once every few days.
So I downloaded 3.16 and 3.20 PortFree Production utility and did low level format and flash test and now my drive shows as 256MB rather than 4GB.
However, when this drive has i5062-ZD controller and a samsung memory chip K9E2G08U0M which is 256Mx8, which is 2GB.
fake device with following chips: controller i5062-ZD
([url][/url]) and memory M29ABGPAH 0512 
([url][/url] ????).
The utility iFormat does not recognize this device though it is intended for the controller i5062-ZD. I've use WinXP Professional. Today I've to install iFormat and drivers under Win98.

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