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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Duplicate files removers

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Yet Another Duplicate File Remover


  DoubleKiller is a fast and easy to use application for finding and removing duplicate files.
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  • - Free up hard disk space by removing unnecessary duplicate files
  • - Reduce the time needed for backups or file searches
  • - Tidy up your picture or music collection
- Scans directories, complete drives or computers in your Network Neighborhood for duplicate files
  • - Freely combinable comparison criteria (file name, size, date and content)
  • - You can exclude files based on their name, file type, attributes or size
  • - Presents a list of all identical files so you can decide which ones to remove
  • - Deletes the files you chose or moves them to another directory
  • - Allows to export the result list to a text file
Quick Selection Guide
1. Remove duplicate files
This is where you’ll find the largest number of available apps.  They all serve the same purpose: find and remove duplicate files, no matter what type or extension they are. Most of them support the usage of filters to refine search, and use different methods to find duplicates: size, name, byte-by-byte comparisons and CRC checksums are some of them. The only problem is that they usually have very similar names, so if you find one you really like, be sure to learn its name! Here are some of the tools you can use, all of them for free:
2. Remove duplicate MP3
MP3s are the kind of file you’re most likely to have scattered across different platforms, devices or folders, which usually means you have a dozen copies of the same song. In order to avoid this mess, the best you can do is make use of a duplicate remover that’s been specially developed to locate and delete duplicate MP3 files. Here’s a couple of them, both for free:
3. Remove duplicate photos
Photos are not as common as MP3 duplicates, but if you have a digital camera and transfer pics to many other locations you can also end up with a few copies of the same picture. Again, there are specialized duplicate detectors for photos, which scan your photo library and can detect similarities not only between their names and sizes, but also their actual content. Here are two of them, both for free:
  • SimilarImages - Uses a fast method to scan your system and detect duplicate photos

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