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Monday, August 23, 2010

"Unable to play selected file"

Unable to play selected file - Western Digital Community
WDTV Live with beta 1.03.35 firmware, running Windows XP, Kingston 16GB flash memory
I KNOW the files are ok because they play perfectly from another 8GB Datatraveller in the WD Live. So the problem is between the WD Live and the specific 16GB Kinkston device. 
I read that the problem is that the WD TV Live can't create a .wd_tv directory on USB device.

With regard to if a .wd_tv directory is written. You can see for yourself by going to your network places and opening up the usb on the WDTV.  The directory is hidden so you will have to set your preferences to show hidden files/directories.
“THE PROBLEM”: Western Digital unable to play selected file. 
Create a "Master Video Folder" on your storage device and create any amount of "Sub Folders" you want for each of your videos within the newly created "Master Video Folder". “Western Digital Media Player works best working with folders. To clarify this further, it simply means, “each video needs to have its own folder”, otherwise Western Digital considers any newly added video information on your storage device that is not in a separate folder as being corrupt. Do this always and you will never have any problems with your Western Digital Media Player. Folks, this will work and you’ll love this system too because it allows you to setup “Category Folders” within your “Master Video Folder” also. I am really enjoying my Western Digital Media Player these days as I now understand how to use it correctly and believe me; you will too, it’s wonderful. No more frustration. P.S.: Before setting up your folders, you might want to consider formatting your USB Memory Stick or USB Hard Drive first to assure there are no problems left over from a previous corruption problem. 

created the following file structure on the drive:
-TV Shows
and place your files under those folders.  Playing one of them is enough for the automatically creation of .wd_tv firmware folder.  PROBLEM SOLVED!

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