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Thursday, August 26, 2010


For NT5.2 MS Operating Systems MBRWizard v.2 is a Free Portable command line (Master Boot Record) MBR Manager created by Roger Layton. It can be used to address all types of Master Boot Record (MBR) problems. MBRWizard functions include; list MBR entries, backup a MBR, restore MBR from backup, repair MBR, list partitions, delete partitions and can even be used to create a bootable USB flash drive in Windows 7 .

MBRWizard – Master Boot Record Manager
MBRWizard - MBR Options Screenshot
MBRWiz Usage examples:
Note: These are performed via a command prompt.
Display a list of options:
MBRWiz /List
Repair MBR:
MBRWiz /Repair=1 /Disk=0
Make Active "Bootable"  Partition:
MBRWiz /Active=Yes /Disk=0 /Part=0
Create a backup of C Drive MBR:
MBRWiz /save=C:\savedMBR
Restore the C Drive MBR backup:
MBRWiz /Restore=C:\savedMBR
Hide a Partition:
MBRWiz /Hide=Yes /Disk=0 /Part=2
Delete a Partition:
MBRWiz /Part=2 Del
Extracted Size: 144KB
Authors Website:
License: Freeware (for personal use)
Download: Get this MBR Tool HERE


For NT6.1 MS Operating Systems

MBRWizard v.3.x Command Line
General Enhancements to the new MBRWizard 3.0 engine

  • Initial support for GPT (GUID Partition Table)
  • Removable Media Support (USB Flash Disks)
  • VMWare Disk (.vmdk) Support
  • Both internal disk support and display details have been increased to the PetaByte range
  • Added support for Vista, Server 2008, and Windows 7
Specific improvements to version 3.0In order to provide better support for the new disk types, we have restructured the command line parameters to afford this capability, and feel it provides more flexibility as we continue to add functionality. The following are the major changes to the CLI version:
  • Support for creating partitions has been added, including options to set the starting sector, size, sector aligment, and partition type
  • Initial support for GPT includes basic backup/recovery, and partition deletion
  • Added support for the VMware virtual disk format (.vmdk), including most operations supported on physical disks
  • Support for repairing a Windows 7 or Server 2008 MBR has been added
  • Explicit support for Removable media (USB Flash Drives, etc) has been added
  • Both internal and display sizes have been increased to the Petabyte range
  • Enhanced disk information, with detailed information for each disk.
  • In addition to partition number, partitions can now be selected by volume label, drive letter, or by type (boot, system, utility, diag)

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