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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Show super hidden (infected) files and folders

Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP syntaxDisplays or changes file attributes.
ATTRIB [+R | -R] [+A | -A ] [+S | -S] [+H | -H] [[drive:] [path] filename] [/S [/D]]
+Sets an attribute.
-Clears an attribute.
RRead-only file attribute.
AArchive file attribute.
SSystem file attribute.
HHidden file attribute.
/SProcesses files in all directories in the specified path. SEARCH
/DProcess folders as well. DIRECTORIES

To change the attributes of the file to non super-hidden and non read-only, you can use the ATTRIB command as below at the command-prompt:
ATTRIB -s -h -r  
Follow these steps:
1. Open command prompt from
Start - All program - Accesories - Command Prompt
Start - Run 

cmd  (as Administrator in vista or win 7)
2. Go to the folder where your data that you want to change the attribute.
3. use the attrib command to change the attributes as:
-s -h -r x:\yyy /S /D
this will make all the files and subdirectories of given path unhidden and will also unset the "system file" attribute.
Note: please have patience, if you have large data in given path as it may take hours if we our giving path for data in Gb's.
The following method will be a better choice for large amount of data.
The easy way is using free program and you should will not having any problem like at Hard Way, because it is not using a command but clicks!
Follow these steps:
1. Download Attribute Changer developer site
Important note for Windows XP SP2 users :
Please install Windows Security Update KB926255 before using Attribute Changer to prevent a Windows Blue Screen or Black Screen.
2. Install it.
3. You maybe don't know how to start it. You must Right-click at files/folders, "Change Attributes..."
4. If you want to unhide it from super hidden unselect "Hidden" and "System" options, and if you want to make it super hidden just select those!

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