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Monday, August 23, 2010

AU6983HL controler chip

fix provided by Steve Pritchard for the usb key with controller as AU6983HL. This has not been tested by me, but steve said it passed some tests, have asked him to confirm that it actually can write to the flash disk without corruption. So hopefully, it can work for all the fake drives without need for any other tools.
Here is the quote from steve which worked for his key.
“I can’t take credit for this, but I found a reference to a HP Tool, designed for their DriveKey sticks to make them bootable, which seems to have done the business for my stick.

I simply ran the HP Drive Key Boot Utility, and told it to make the stick bootable, and not only did it put a bunch of files on there (which I promptly deleted), but it changed the capacity of the device to it’s correct 4Gb (from 16Gb). I didn’t get the opportunity to specify the size, so it either works it out itself, or it always selects 4Gb, I’m afraid I don’t know.
It’s worth a try if, like me, you were struggling to find anything else that works, and it’s a bit less hassle than installing Ubuntu.”
Good luck and do report back if the actual disk capacity tool found at : worked or not :)

Download the Zip package. Place the test.bmp file on the USB key, and open testscript.bat with NOTEPAD, and change drive letter U: to your USB key Drive letter , you do not want to fill the wrong drive up :) .
Run testscript.bat from your desktop (i would suggest you place it on your desktop so you do not loose track where you put the file ) , and let it rip, it goes slow till it hits the key maximum capacity after which you will see files copied really fast !!!!.
If its a 2 GB actually capacity on usb key, it will start copying really quick when you hit about 190 ish files, as the test.bmp is exactly 10 MB’s in size. And you will see corruption of images, either lines across the image, or big black rectangular block in the middle of the images.Meaning that your key has a capacity lower than what you think it has. How much does it actually have ? Use thumbnail view option and look at the images and see at which image the corrupt started, select all images that are good and check properties of the selected good images, thats your key’s real capacity, now time to open your stick up and fix it up !
As per tools used to flash it back to original state
procedure to fix memory of your hacked or fake usb keys.
First lets fix a Memory / USB Key having AU6890 or higher controller/flash chip. I was scammed and was given a Hynix HY27UT088G2M memory which is by the way 1 Gigs space total and not 8GB or anything else. So, lets flash it back to its default 1 GB value and fix this sucker good.
First of all you will need to open up your usb key case, do not worry most ebay keys are easy to open, i opened mine with just my finger nails. Some might need exacto knife or something that will do the trick. Now look at the memory controller chip.
AU6980 controller chip
Flip the memory key and look at what memory you actually have on the darn usb key. Here is what I had Hynix HY27UT088G2M :
Hynix Memory Chip
Rest of it is now pretty simple if you are lucky to have the flash files for your particular memory key. Simply download Alcor (attached so you do not have to google it for a day or more and register on Chinese based site, ooh yaa that was not fun , its not easy trying to register on a site with language out of your dictionary !!), in the attached zip file is Update.exe file, its there only if you do not find your memory in the flash List , after installing ALCOR and trying to fix your key. Now, just follow the steps below in the figure to fix your hacked usb key to normal capacity. Post your queries if you are unable to follow.
Step 2. Simply go to Setup if you key is not regonized automatically and select from dropdown the memory you have, use update.exe file first if you have to.
Fix-Step 2
Now hit START shown in the first figure and it should do the format and flash it back to normal value, and if your key is all fixed back to original capacity.
Will write about fix for keys using iCreate to hack usb keys tomorrow. Bit tired right now.
Those wishing to find Alcor or in short AU controller chip based USB Key fix , please read this another blog post we got going : Alcor Key Fix Blog Post
Have fun fixing your keys and Good luck to you all those who have been Scammed by fake usb key sellers off ebay and other locations.

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