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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Linux H2testw Alternative Program Called F3 By Michel Machado
F3 by Michel Machado is an open source Linux software to test flash memory capacity. H2testw does nor run in Linux. There are two programmes, one to read and one to write files to the item being tested.
If you are a Linux user and need to test flash memory cards, usb flash drives and mp players. please try out F3.
Michel Machado:
F3 is an open-source, command-line implementation of my understanding of how H2testw works. I’ve only tested it on my Ubuntu / Linux desktop, but it should compile and work on other platforms with almost no changes. I’ve only tested USB sticks that I have, but F3 should work on wherever media that you have access to, including mp3 players, hard drivers, and RAM drivers.
F3 is composed of two binaries: f3write, and f3read. f3write fills a file system up with 1GB files named NNNN.fff, where N is a number. Whereas, f3read validates those files. If the content of all NNNN.fff files is valid, the memory is fine. The last file may be less than 1GB since f3write takes all available space for data.
Please visit – F3 – an alternative to h2testw. Make sure to read Michel’s page and instructions.
Please leave feedback on the results of F3 here.
Currently F3 is in pilot and we would like to see how it performs for testing flash memory on the Linux platform. Linux users need a flash memory testing software, your input is needed.

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