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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Encrypt a USB drive

All encryption solutions which work thru an encrypted drive with drive letter have on thing in common: Administrator privileges are required, at least once to install the ecryption software. This is a problem on foreign computers.
When a guest wants to install his encryption software, he must been trusted unconditional because he is granted to execute his software with administrator privileges. But no one can be sure what this software does despite the encrytion job. The computer is just compromised then!
Even an antivirus software is useless because the foreign software is executed with admin privileges an the user will grant all requests to make it work. NTFS encryption is no help too because dealing with certificates is no fun and they are not compatible between Windows 2000 and XP.
Solution: The approved open source software TrueCrypt:
It requires admin previlegs too but only once for installation. And the admin can download the software itself and validate its integrity by checking its PGP signature.
Using TrueCrypt is documented on countless pages in the internet, just enter TrueCrypt at your preferred search engine.

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