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Monday, August 23, 2010

MXT6208A controler chip

Another USB Fixing blog post, today two sticks each with Controller MXT6208A and Memory Samsung 725/ K98G08U0M/ WNE197PA ( 8 gigaBIT memory, that means 1 gigaBYTE or 1 GB of capacity).
Sticks as usual came with the fancy shiny 16 GB stickers on them.
The white one I was able to put back together without cosmetic damage !!

Pen Drives
Picture : Shows the 2 keys just out of the packaging , with the shiny 16 gig sticker.
Lets see how they look from inside now :)
The white one first (note the capacitor (on bottom right ), its got bad solder join, sheesh)
MXT6208A Chip
And here is the blue one , note on the left thats the metal casing which had to be peeled/pulled apart.
AU6980 controller chip
Here is the memory snap shot from the white key, as could not get the key out for its case from the blue one cause of epoxy or w/e that blob of glue is (is holding it pretty tight in place) .
Sasmung Memory K98G08U0M
Now lets begin hacking our way and fix these flashed/fake usb keys.
Took me a while to find the right version of Mptools, and the chinesse site where you can get them from now has only invitation based registerations and requires credits/money for downloads of files, tried to spend $4 to get enough credits to download the tools, but their paypal account does not accept USD , so was stuck till I googled and found the tools on other sites :) . Various versions were downloaded (about 6) but only 1 clicked and worked. Download this Mptool File :) MPTool-2007103-Fix-Usb-key
Now its the simplest fix ever (after you get right tool). Simple insert your fake pen drive into the usb port, and open up the exe file (unzip above file first) and it should show up something like this in the picture (if your stick/controller card is the list it should show up too ) .
Step 1. Insert key, open the exe file , and hit the little U icon (or the E Icon (its just your usb key drive letter only and will vary from user to user) as suggested by Barrows) if your stick is recognized off the bat, if not just hit setup ctrls and select one from the list on the left (uncheck the auto feature first on the top left there).
Step 1 to using Mptools
Step 2. After format is complete simply unplug the key from computer, and format it using win xp or any tool you like (but do not use quick format, just let it format using simple format) and your key is now all set to be used, without worry of data corruption (but do note these are not legit keys, so i wouldnt put anything that is really really important on these keys ) .
Usb Key fix underway
If you need any help with your keys let me know, but to find exact version of tool to fix your particular usb pen drive is hit and trial. So , it might take you some time to fix your usb drive to default factory built memory capacity.

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