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Saturday, August 27, 2011

AMD-ATI Radeon HD 5450 on Win2k3

Windows 2003: Extended Support leads to 2015!
Old problem
CATALYST does not include support for Server Operating Systems. ATI's server products are the RageXL and the RADEON 7000. Both of those products have drivers as part of the Operating System. Until there is a clear business requirement for 3D acceleration support for Server Operating Systems we dont plan on including Server2003 as part of CATALYST.
This is a 5,000 dollar Operating System right? If you bought that OS I assume you are running a server? If so the OEM of the server machine will also be able to provide you driver updates for your 2D card if you need them. 
The rendering farms i know nothing about in detail, that was from another forum where we were discussing JUST this same problem. Windows 2003 drivers. We were just trying to give some reason for ATI to listen to the groups of people that want some simple OS support. The problem mainly under Windows 2003 btw is SMARTGART. Well under 2003 its more like DumbGART - it turns off AGP for me and im not sure how to get around it... we need some certification, some proper support. NVIDIA have more support for Windows 2003 than ATI. Some of their cards are already certified for it.
I mean not supporting Server OS's with drivers that are made for 'gaming' i understand, 2000 Server and NT Server were basically the same OS with extra services/tools. But 2003 isnt and some support would be nice, for whatever reason they want. I had another brain storm of a use for 3d acceleration. You know those large promo's/displays? on 24/7 feeding presentations and 3d graphics to many monitors? Yeah well i bet they would be running Windows Server and not Windows XP Home Edition or anything
AMD Driver Autodetect 
We were unable to find your hardware and OS!  
ATI driver information for Microsoft Windows Server 2003

All drivers for Windows Server 2003 are maintained and deployed by Microsoft. This operating system currently provides drivers for RAGE XL products only.

While Windows Server 2003 display drivers are not available from ATI directly, you may obtain updates through Windows Update, or other deployment option from Microsoft.

Windows Server 2003 is positioned as a business and corporate enterprise server Operating System. It is not intended for home or personal use.

Please refer to Microsoft's website for detailed information.
  ===========================  radeonaiw_xp
Finally I've been able to install the ATI drivers. I got them from the ATI site, and launched the .exe that decompressed on C:\ATI\. The default install behaves as the included drivers: it launches the "ATI Catalyst Install Manager" that lets you update the install manager itself, and install .NET 2.0.
Going to device manager, selecting the VGA Graphics card, and choosing the "update driver" option, and pointing it to the "WXP" subdir that had drivers (C:\ATI\\Packages\Drivers\WXP), it recognizes the card and install as Radeon HD 5450. dxdiag show Graphics accel working (I had it enabled long time ago, to use my 2k3 as workstation):
Now if I can I'll try install the Catalyst Control Center, but that's 2nd priority.
ASUS EAH5450 Graphics Card (ATI Radeon HD5450 - 1 GB DDR3) on Windows 2003?
So cool. x64 XP drivers worked for me on 2003 Enterprise Server x64.
Solution that worked for me follows:
I have a Sapphire ATI PCI Express 5570 as well and experienced the exact same 0x000000CA BSOD in Windows 7 when trying to install drivers for it. I tried the Catalyst driver on Sapphire's website as well as on ATI's website. I tried Catalyst version 10.4, 10.5, and 10.6 with the same issue. I also tried updating the Optiplex (755) BIOS to A17 and trying various BIOS settings to no avail. The BSOD always occurs when the Catalyst software tries to query the video card.
My work-around was to not let Catalyst query the card. I wish it was as easy as an installation option to avoid the query in the Catalyst install, but of course it can't be that straight-forward. Instead, I let the Catalyst software unzip itself to a location, located the driver .inf files in that location, and manually updated the video card driver (Device Manager->Update Driver->"Let me specify the best driver..."->specify location->etc). Two identically named ATI 5570 drivers presented themselves in the driver selection window, so I chose the first one.
Then I manually installed the Catalyst Control Center by locating just the CCC install files unzipped by the ATI package (I ran two setups, CCC-core I think and another name that resembled CCC-something-or-other. I am probably missing some minor components but the screen resolution, color depth, and CCC features all seem to work fine.
Basically everything works with the exception of some video card DLL warnings if I run the System Score test in Windows 7, though it does come back with what feels like an appropriate score of 5.9 for this card.

As a follow-up: after doing all of those steps the Catalyst Installer ran successfully. I did however end up having to delete the following files to make some lingering occasional errors go away:
Try these steps:
  1. Launch Windows in Safe Mode
  2. Uninstall previous driver
  3. Reboot
  4. Safe Mode Again
  5. Install ATI Drivers
  6. Reboot
  7. ???
  8. Profit
No seriously tho, safe-mode - manually uninstalling a previous driver go a long way for ATI.
To fix this:
  1. Uninstall any ATI drivers on your system.
  2. Run the CCC installer but I suggest canceling after it extracts the files.
  3. Navigate to: C:\ATI\Support\10-x_vista64_wi n7_64_dd_ccc_enu\Config
  4. EDIT InstallManager.cfg
  5. Change WorkaroundInstall=false to WorkaroundInstall=true
  6. Run Setup.exe and the CCC should install without a problem
    Pulled from AMD ForuM:
    This works, I have done it two times very easily. Just a heads up. After you are done expanding and relocating the file. Go back to the c:\ATI\Support\10-4_xxxx, right click and delete. Run CCleaner. You don't need those remaining files on your PC.
    Thanks for the workaround.
    There is an easier way without having to uninstall 10.6 and install 10.4.
    1. Just run the 10.4 installer and it will extract the atioglxx.dl_ to c:\ATI\Support\10-4_xxxx\packages\drivers\xxxxxx, just use find to find it.
    2. Copy the atioglxx.dl_ file somewhere and start the commandline and goto that location and type "expand atioglxx.dl_ atioglxx.dll" and the compressed dll will be extracted.
    3. Copy the atioglxx.dll as stated above.
    Edit: Just noticed Step 3 is vague. Copy that expanded dll (atioglxx.dll) to the Call of Duty Directory. For 32bit systems it should be C:\Program Files\Call of Duty and for 64bit systems it should be C:\Program Files (x86)\Call of Duty. Good Luck
    Run the installer then quit it after it extracts the files to c:\ATI\Support\10-4_xxxx\packages\drivers\xxxxxx. Expand, then copy over to your COD directory just like before. Might work with the new card and O/S. Just trying to once again give you an idea to try out. Good luck man. By the way... After moving the .dll to the cod directory. Did you ever try dragging and dropping it over the CoDUOMP.exe file?
    If not, give that a go. The dll just simply might not be registering after you move it to the CoD directory. If the drag and drop over the CoDUOMP.exe doesn't work, then you might need to register the dll manually ( Good luck when you get your new rig, although for some reason I think the "quick fix" method will work on Win 7. That is the O/S I successfully have done it two times on.
    p.s. I underlined the and O/S because this might be the make it or break it why this "quick fix" works for some but not others. Just a thought, though I could very well be wrong.
    p.s.s. the new CCC 11.6 is due June 15th (anywhere middle of the month). Hopefully it is fixed in this version. Although I highly doubt it.
    ============ ============
    Darunter zumindest "Full Catalyst Software Suite (Recommended)" und unter "Individual Drivers (Motherboard/Chipset)" die "South Bridge Driver" herunterladen und installieren.

    Hintergrundinfos zu den weiteren Downloads:
    • "South Bridge Driver" ist der Treiber für das Mainboard/Chipsatz (der "GART" Treiber ist nicht notwendig da nur für alte AGP-Grafikkarten)
    • "Display Driver" sind die eigentlichen Treiber für den Grafikchip, alle anderen Sachen sind optional.
    • "Catalyst Software Suite" enthält vor allem das "Catalyst Control Center" (CCC) ist die empfehlenswerte Oberfläche für Einstellugen.
    • "Complete Avivo Package", Video-Engine (Infos) enthält vor allem den "Universal Video Decoder" (UVD) der die CPU bei der BlueRay-Dekodierung stark entlastet.
    • "ATI Multimedia Software" enthällt wiederum das "Complete Avivo Package" und anderen Multimedia-Software
    • "Hydravision Package" für Mehrbildschirm-Tools, weitere Erklärung hier.
    • "ATI WDM Integrated Driver" nicht notwendig, da nur für Video-Ausgang und TV-Karten benötigt.

    Audio Link Korrektes Betriebssystem aus der Liste wählen, NICHT die "ATI HDMI Audio Device"

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