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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Debuggers in Windows


Starting the Debugger
The Debugger Command Window
The WinDbg Graphical Interface
Debugger Configuration
Debugger Operation (General)
Debugger Operation (User Mode)
Debugger Operation (Kernel Mode)
Debugger Extensions
Remote Debugging

Debugging tools
Using Debugger Commands
For KD or CDB, "Debugger Command window" refers to the whole window. You enter commands at the prompt at the bottom of the window. If the commands have any output, the window displays the output and then displays the prompt again.
For WinDbg, "Debugger Command window" refers to the window that is labeled "Command" in the title bar. This window contains two panes:
  • In the small, bottom pane, you enter commands.
  • In the large, upper pane, you view command output.
This window is always open at the beginning of a debugging session. You can reopen or switch to this window by clicking Command on the View menu, pressing ALT+1, or clicking the Command (Alt+1) button (Screen shot of the Debugger Command window button) on the toolbar.
You can use the UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW keys to scroll through the command history. When a previous command appears, you can edit it and then press ENTER to execute the previous command (or the edited version of the previous command). The cursor does not have to be at the end of the line for this procedure to work correctly.

KD Command-Line Options

How to Debug the Windows OS using USB
Setting Up a USB 2.0 Debug Cable Connection

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