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Monday, August 22, 2011

Not enough server storage

... is available to process this command in Windows XP
This is an annoying error that I have come across a couple of times when using some of the machines at work and at home over the past few years. This isn’t an error that will effect every user, but, if you do come across it, then here is a couple of reasons why it can happen:
  1. You don’t have a DWORD VALUE for IRPStackSize in your registry
  2. You have a DWORD VALUE for IRPStackSize in your registry but the data value is set too low
What might have triggered the error message?
  1. You are trying to map a drive.
  2. You are trying to access a shared folder over a network that you set up correctly.
  3. You are trying to share files/drives between a Windows 7 machine and a Windows XP machine.
  4. You are trying to print over a network, where the printer driver resides on another machine on that network. (This was my 2nd occurrence).

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