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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NComputing series L

L230 Terminal Server - yet not ready
DHCP or Static? Did you flash the BIOS of the L130/230?
Password "updateme"
When you updated to SP3 did windows firewall turn back on?
L130/230's work great with XP/SP3 -- in fact we make sure SP3 is installed before setting up new NC host pc's.  We use the packaged CD only to start the installer, then get newest software via fresh download as hjkcga suggests.  Be sure to also check/update to newest firmware on each NC device too.
As with all new hardware it is a good idea to check for firmware updates from mfg'r at first install.  We find this especially an issue for hardware purchased from bargain distributors like Tiger Direct or typical Amazon sources.
Here is a May 2009 tip from my in-house knowledgebase though you will likely find more current info on NC support and user forums:
If you're having a problem connecting to a fresh install of the NComputing L130/L230 terminal
software, and specifically seeing this error:
"Terminal Server Not Yet Ready"
First, make sure that both the L130/230 unit has the newest firmware and also that terminal software is
updated. If you still have problems, we need to edit the registry:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Current ControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\SessionImageSize (set this to Hexidecimal 20)
Also, make sure that these two Windows Updates are not installed (they conflict with the NC software):

After one day testing all versions with and without SP3. I call to NComputing Support and have this help. No matters the version u have (.97 or .99) with SP3, no problem. Just check your regestry, and see if you have this entry. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management] "SessionImageSize"=dword:00000020 Thx to North America Technical Support
I'm resolving this problem by uninstalling 2 windows updates: kb952004 kb956572
I am using ncomputing L-series on windows server 2003 standard edition with sp2 probelm is that Terminal server yet not ready error appear and cannot connect to the server. i have removed pathes that ncomuting support suggest (kb956572) but problem is still exists now i have installed latest vspace software for L-series (Version: 4.04.005) after installing blue screen appear and system has halted. can anybody resolve this issue.
uninstall 2 windows updates:  for win2003
was helpful in restoring all my connections to L230s
I too was unable to have any connections and went through removing and reinstalling software and replaceing network eq.
On our XP machine we had to uninstall kb956572.  Clients were immediately able to connect afterwards.
After one day testing all versions with and without SP3.
I call to NComputing Support and have this help.
No matters the version u have (.97 or .99) with SP3, no problem.
Just check your registry, and see if you have this entry.
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management]
Windows XP SP3, did all the Windows updates, and then installed 4.04.005. My L230 had the "yet not ready" error. Uninstalled kb956572 and it connected without a problem.
Removed both kb952004 and kb956572, everything was ok, Today installed more updates and again VSpace was not happy, found it to be related to kb968537, once removed VSpace was happy again. Luckily our devices are in the process of being setup and not actualy in production use yet, hence why i am installing/removing updates with out to much worry at this stage.
The 3 updates i listed, KB968537, KB952004 and KB956572 all caused problems for the vspace software on our system, i had to remove all of them for vspace to work
The NComputing Client would be rejected by the Host PC saying that the Terminal Server was not ready, try again later...
There were several questions as to ADD or REMOVE the HKEY entry.
I did not have the entry in my Registry.
I ADDED it, Rebooted, and then the CLIENTS CAN connect to the PC. have to do the GPEDIT hack to allow interactive logging in, by adding the "everyone" user to that policy.
See Below from the Cut and paste from the KB.
You receive the error message "The Local Policy of this system does not permit you to logon interactively" when attempting to login to a limited user account from an NComputing terminal.
Due to changes made in Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3, standard limited user accounts may not be able to log in from NComputing terminals.
To correct this issue, first log in as an administrator on the NComputing host
NOTE: Due to limited features within the Windows XP Home operating system, this fix applies only to Windows XP Pro.
Click Start and then click Run.
Type in "gpedit.msc"
Click OK
When the Group Policy Object Editor appears, navigate to:
Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > User Rights Assignment
In the right-hand pane, locate the entry named "Allow Log on through Terminal Services" and double-click on it.
Click "Add User or Group.."
Type "everyone" into the available text box and click "Check Names"
After the name is underlined, click OK
Click OK
You should now be able to log in successfully on the NComputing terminals with any local or domain user
i have the same problem and after one day testing all versions with and without SP3.
I call to NComputing Support and have this help.
No matters the version u have (.97 or .99) with SP3, no problem.
Just check your regestry, and see if you have this entry.
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management]
Thx to North America Technical Support
 Here is how I got to the problem to begin with:
  • Installed original software from disk. Did upgrade online then to ver (?) 4.03 or something.
  • I had issues with windows update (case from april 2009, not before).  So i didn't run windows updates
  • I then saw ver and thought i had followed upgrade procedure I read.   I uninstalled old ver, and reinstalled new.
  • Users couldn't connect, it read "Terminal Server yet not ready - Please try agian when I am happier :-)"
  • Even tried to register with no devices.  Didn't work.
  • Applied DWORD reg key as described (hex value BTW), rebooted and it worked.
Sorry if the versions are wrong (old one and original disk ver), but i dare not go through any of the old software again.
Thanks for the help from the guy who got it from the american tech support depart.

I just installed xp profesional sp3 and then ncomputing V 4.05.002 I want to connect using ncomputing L130 but don't want to connect and L130 pop up error
"terminal server-yet not ready. Please, retry attempt a bit later"
and in server pop up error winlogon what should I do to solve this ? already did what you said, but didn't work
Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition No Update, No Firewall, No Antivirus.
Client :
vSpace : Version 4.05.0002.3
when client connect to server :
Terminal server yet not ready, Please retry againt ....
IP on host : domain : superserver
IP on Client :
ihad change on GPEDIT.msc :
Allow user to login from terminal server : everyone
anyone can help?
and add on registry : HKLM ..... done.
In reply to the previous 3 posts, it's not a Windows logon problem "YET".
* If you have an auto sensing switch, you need to give it sometime before you can connect. 
* Make sure firewalls are disabled. 
* Make sure the 2 units, server and nComputing device on the same subnet, no routers, no wireless. 
* Always use Static IP on both devices. 
* Removing the Gateway in IP Configuration in the nComputing device helps alot. 
* Always try to use the software on the CD that came with your device 1st. 
* Removing, restarting, and then re-installing the NCT/vSpace software helps too. 
Recommended installation procedure: 
1. Install OS and all drivers. 
2. Install all your applicatoins (Office, FireFox.. etc). 
3. Do a full Windows/Microsoft update (Including all BAD known KB's). 
4. Install NCT/vSpace. 
5. Always RESTART when systems says so. 
6. Add users in the "Remote Desktop Users" and "Power Users" groups, usually this is not needed in XP. 
7. Connect, once connected, log-off and UPDATEME
8. Install AV. 
9. Configure updates to be installed MANUALLY. 
10. Always update system with one KB at a time and KEEP A LOG. 
Hope this info helps.

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