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Monday, August 8, 2011

Error 0x0000001A

Stop error 1A is basically a memory error (most of the time.) The causes are many, but include
overtaxed power supply units,
a real memory failure,
an outdate motherboard BIOS (new motherboards don't come with latest BIOS!),
incorrect IDE cables,
incorrect IDE drive jumpers,
and of course "parasites."
ARMED with the "STOP" code information (Click to see an example screenshot), go to "Microsoft Help and Support" and search for known issues. Enter the STOP code (Example: Stop 0x00000074 -- leaving off the colon after the word "stop" and only the next ten alphanumerical characters) in the search box at the top left. Either press Enter or click the GO button. Please note that the information recorded for an Event, (example: Error code 00000050 (parameter1 82dcc596, parameter2 00000000, parameter3 805208c1, parameter4 00000000)) is nothing more than a "stop". Exceptions for "Events", similar to c00000005 may be searched also. Simply enter the exception code as displayed on the popup window, and then press Enter. However, you may find that the error you're using may not be found if no articles have been written. Please read, "How to Gather Information After a Memory Dump in Windows XP (Q314084)" and note the item BugCheckCode which is in essence, a "STOP" error.
What is the configuration of your RAM?
Vista does not like RAM that does not all operate at the same speed.
RAM und Festplatte checken

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