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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

HP printers and Jetdirect

HP LaserJets - Cold Reset Instructions 
If you need to reset your HP JetDirect card, Hewlett-Packard recommends doing a cold reset (resetting the card to factory defaults). A cold reset will completely erase a JetDirect card's settings and allow you to reconfigure it. Before doing so, you should print out a configuration page for reference. For directions on how to print the configuration page and reset your JetDirect card, consult the manual or user guide for your printer. If you cannot locate these, download a new user guide from Hewlett-Packard:
  1. From HP Support & Drivers, search for your printer's full name
  2. From the self-help resources section, select manuals.
  3. Choose the appropriate user guide for your printer.
If you still can't find instructions for your particular printer and card model, take the following steps appropriate for your type of JetDirect card:
  • Internal cards: Turn off the printer, take out the JetDirect card and let it sit overnight. Then insert the card back into the printer.
  • External cards: Hold down the Test button and unplug the power cord from the box. Then reconnect the power cord.
 HP's Business Support Center
HP Support & Drivers
jetadmin embedded web server (
"Problem loading page" page
check if you can get the printer setup page (or just ping the
ping -c 3
 If network is good and printer is O.K., you should get a positive reply. 



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