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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Eric S. Raymond

Hacker History And Culture:

How To Become A Hacker

Because I maintain the Jargon File, I am often asked this question by eager network newbies.

A Brief History of Hackerdom

A companion document to "How To Become A Hacker". A historical overview of hacker culture and how it got that way.

Revenge of the Hackers

A followup to "A Brief History of Hackerdom", and part of the book version of The Cathedral and the Bazaar. This chronicles the events following January 1998 when the history of hackerdom became current events.

So You Want To Be A Wizard? (The Loginataka)

A Dialogue between a Guru and a Newbie, including Much that is Good to Know concerning the Path to Wizardhood. Includes numerous references to books valuable to the aspirant. A single HTML file, easy to download.

How To Ask Smart Questions

How to ask questions of hackers in a way that makes it most likely that you'll get a useful answer.

The Unix Koans of Master Foo

Does a dog have the Unix-nature? Three pounds of VAX!

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