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Saturday, October 23, 2010

disabling wrong services in NT 6.1

If you make a mistake, this link will allow you to reset your services back to the original Vista Values, no matter what version of Vista:

A safe idea would be to actually copy and save the bat file that applies to you, on a disk, so you can get to it if you need it. Myself, I was fooling around one day and found that my Internet wouldn't work as I disabled the wrong service; it creates a bit more work.

For those wanting to venture even further, I am going to promote a site ( and include this link which will enable you to not only learn about each and every process, but also, explore his ideas on safe settings, his choices as well as bare bones settings.
Eliminate Unneeded Startup Programs (Tx and Pls Rep Harpreet1998)
When your computer starts, there are a number of programs that start automatically and remain running in the background which steal away much needed memory. They add up in time and although many have no real use to the average user, others can be eliminated from starting automatically and started from the 'All Programs' or 'Quick Launch' menu as required. My best example of this is Messenger (or AIM/ICQ) which starts and hogs valuable resources even when your not using it.
First lets see how to get there to see what we have shall we?
1. Type 'msconfig' in the Run command (Winkey + R) (new trick for you here lol);
2. Press Start/Control Panel/Admin Tools/System Configuration/Startup; or
3. Download this excellent freeware program called Startup Inspector
Startup Inspector
The good thing about disabling is, if you see a negative result...go into safe mode, Run, Msconfig and undo your changes.

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