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Monday, October 25, 2010

Static IP for Virtualbox Machine

In theory I can set up a DHCP Server to serve the static IP addresses to a given DHCP client using the client's MAC address. However I was not able to find such a configuration possibility in the VirtualBox Manager GUI. You can do some basic configuration of the DHCP Server (like subnet etc.) but not at DHCP Client level.
I do not have a full solution for you (please see viewtopic.php?f=4&t=20843&p=142053#p142053) 
but I can share what I did.
I had "VirtualBox Host-Only Network" appear as a Network interface in my Host after installing Virtualbox. It was setup with a Static IP of The user can also add more "VirtualBox Host-Only Network" NICS later from VirtualBox File>Preferences>Network.
When a Guest is setup with a Virtual network card , and you want to attach it to host-only adapter, the VBox GUI will have you attach that virtual NIC to a VirtualBox-NIC interface on your HOST. I chose the "VirtualBox Host-Only Network" from the drop-down menu.

Now back in the Host-Network-Properties, I can change the IP address, mask, dns etc. of this "VirtualBox Host-Only Network". I can ofcourse change my guest OS network properties to any IP settings I want. I would have thought that if the Guest NIC and "VirtualBox Host-Only Network" it is "attached" have the same IP subnet, broadcast address etc. there should be communication. But I have not been able to establish that link yet, hence the post.

hope to get an full answer from some VBox expert. -JPP

found the issue.
Its the order in which each Guest Operating system picks up the virtual NICs provided by Virtualbox. It cannot be assumed that:
Adapter 1
Adapter 2
Adapter 3
in the virtualbox guest settings will correspond to
within the Linux Guest OS. Atleast in my installation it was not.
The only option I had was to make myself a table of all MAC addresses as found by the guest OSes and find out which Virtual adapter that was in virtualbox settings. Then I had to make sure the subnets matched between those virtual adapters and my Host machine adapters that were connected to: e.g:
Guest: Adapter 1 [MAC 00-00-00-00-D8-10] > linked to > "VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter #3" > IP subnet
Inside the guest eth3 was [MAC 00-00-00-00-D8-10]. So I had to assign IP subnet to eth3
Did the same with all the other Guests and now they all see and talk to each other.
Another way to do this is to actually assign static IP's *within* the VM, and not rely on external DHCP assigning the (hopefully) correct IP that you want.
2. Change from DHCP to static: ... ation.html

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