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Friday, October 15, 2010

SBS & ShadowProtect

Some Hardware Independent Restore considerations

The Hardware Independent Restore (HIR) of ShadowProtect is a pretty neat feature.
It gives us the ability to take the OS image from an existing server and restore to a completely different set of hardware.
This feature may be needed if the existing hardware is no longer good for production or it may have failed beyond recovery.
Another use we have for the HIR, is to restore a production SBS box on a dedicated Xeon 3000 box here in the shop for our Swing Migrations.
One should not expect the SBS OS to come up happy after the HIR process has finished though. Many components within the old box are no longer in existence!
There are a number of post restore steps that need to be accomplished:

  1. Remove the previous server's NICs in the Device Manager
  2. Configure the new server's NICs with the appropriate IPs and network settings
  3. Rerun the CEICW
  4. Restore the previous Drive Letter arrangement
  5. Restore the previous share setup (if needed)
  6. Reboot
One of the first things we will encounter when we go to setup the IP addresses on the new NICs is this:

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