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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

RAID Reconstructor and BartPE

Learn more about using RAID Reconstructor. Watch our YouTube tutorials:

Read our written documents:
No working Windows?
Run RAID Reconstructor from a BartPE boot CD-ROM.

Available Plugins
Since the bootable CD-ROM extends the possible uses of our products, we have generated plugins for most of our products:
The plugins contain the necessary files from Runtime Software, the plugin ".inf" file and a brief help page. If the software needs a license key you can enter the license key in the application at run-time or in advance in a certain section inside the ".inf" file. We kept the plugins as small as possible; therefore, we did not include the help file (CHM) or the startup flash logo.

Possible Uses

The most compelling benefit of BartPE is that you can run our data recovery software on the affected computer without interfering with the hard drive you want to recover data from. Remember, if you want to recover data you must not write anything to the affected drive, leaving you in trouble if the drive in question was the system (C:) drive. With a bootable CD-ROM and our plugins you can recover your data without installing a new operating system.
Here are some typical uses:
  • Do a data recovery with GetDataBack without having to install a complete Windows operating system. Boot from a CD-ROM and run the data recovery entirely from there using the RAM for dynamic data. Copy the recovered data to another hard drive or - if you have network access enabled - to a network destination.
  • Run our server application HdHost from BartPE and access your hard drives with GetDataBack or DiskExplorer from another computer in your network.
  • Edit your hard drive with DiskExplorer. Have unlimited access to any area on any of your drives. For example, after booting from the CD-ROM you can let DiskExplorer overwrite your whole drive with zeros.
  • Easily make an image of a drive, locally or through the network.
  • Use a boot CD-ROM and restore your system drive from a backup with DriveImage XML.
Creation of a bootable CD-ROM
Download Bart's PE Builder from to a working computer with a CD/RW drive. If you are in a data recovery situation this computer must not be the computer where want to recover data from.
Please read Bart's notes and instructions on PE Builder. Beside the text you are just reading, we cannot provide support regarding BartPE and PE Builder.
Extract the download to c:\pebuilder. Make sure you leave the directory structure intact.
Download the desired plugin from the list above. In PE Builder click "Add" and select the downloaded CAB file.
Finally, for the "GetDataBack for FAT" plugin, your directory structure should look like this:
Add any other plugins you might need.
Start PEBUILDER.EXE and follow the instructions. You will need to provide a Windows XP /w SP1 installation CD-ROM. If you do not have Service Pack 1 on this CD-ROM follow the instructions at Instructions on how to slip SP1 into XP are here.
Make sure the desired plugins are displayed and enabled. If you want network support you need to enable the "Network Support" plugin. Click "PluginHelp" for more information.
Let PE Builder create the ISO image.
Using your favorite CD-ROM burning software burn this ISO image to a blank CD-ROM.
Now you are ready to boot from the just created CD-ROM. After boot-up click on Go->Programs and select the program you want to run.

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