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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

MTU and logmein services

I just couldn't open the page (or for that matter). I only got a "Connection Reset" error.
I found the answer, of all places, on a MAC Safari forum.
The problem seems to be Gutsy's default MTU network setting, which is 1500. You will have to change this to 1472, or you won't be able to access the secure logmein page. The MTU value determines the max packet size in TCP/IP networks.
The simplest (and temporary until the next reboot) way to change this value is to enter the following command in terminal (this assumes you use eth0 to connect to the Internet, otherwise edit accordingly)
"sudo ifconfig eth0 mtu 1472"
If you can access the logmein page after changing this setting, then you can attempt (it's a bit complex depending on user/configuration) to make the change permanent.
This method worked for me:
"sudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces"
add the following line to the eth0 configuration info
"MTU 1472"
reboot or restart network services using
"sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart"
I use a static IP address. I have heard of this simple method not working when using DHCP so you could do some research here

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