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Sunday, October 24, 2010

updating a dynamic IP in an OpenDNS network

Client software
OpenDNS recommends that you use our client-side software to keep your dynamic IP updated for your network. The OpenDNS Updater will run in your system tray and send updates to your account whenever your IP address changes. This will help ensure that your system preferences are applied to your network at all times. Simply download the software, and then enter the email address associated with your account, the password, and the network label of the network in the required fields, and the OpenDNS Updater will do the rest.
Windows: Download Windows Client
Mac : Download Mac Client
Linux : Download DDClient

Other client software that is known to support OpenDNS is listed here, though we may not be able to offer technical support for software other than the official OpenDNS Update Software:
The way it works is you tell your router (under dynamic dns settings) to send the IP details to the 3rd party which then become resolved as a subdomain name rather than an IP address.
Note: make sure you use a DIFFERENT password for this from your router, ssh & windows login! This is because your router's IP broadcast to is unenrypted. This isnt a problem as
long as you use a separate password. This way, even if a hacker picks up the IP broadcast from the router, the password for dyndns is useless for getting into your PC.

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