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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Windows 7 Ulitmate x64 RTM nVidia nForce 6 Raid install fails

I got the drivers straight from nVidia's site, they claimed it was compatible with Win 7 x64.  Setup sees my raided harddrive before I even load the drivers.  I put in a floppy with the drivers and click load drivers during the installation.  It sees 3 drivers, Raid Controller, Raid device, SATA controller.  I load each one in that order, click next and it says it can't make a partition or see one,

Obviously the system cannot recognize the RAID after you load the IDE disk. This should not be a Windows 7 related question. It seems that the newly installed RAID controller driver cause this issue. I suggest that you access NVIDIA nForce related forums, or contact NVIDIA support for more information.

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