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Tuesday, October 5, 2010



Windows XP Professional x64 installs is designed to meet the demands of
customers who require large amounts of memory and floating point booting in areas such as mechanical design and analysis, 3-D
animation, video editing and composition, and scientific and high-
performance installations applications.
Windows booting 2003, x64 Edition is well-suited for high-performance
computing (HPC) clusters, Terminal Services, Active Directory data
stores larger than 2 GB, databases, business applications, Internet
Information installations (IIS) 6.0, and memory-bound applications
The DVD contains 6 x64 versions of Windows, which can be installed
by either retail to the DVD or starting the version from within
another x64 installation of Windows. It also will create standalone
ISO's of any included software of Windows.
This DVD Contains:
Windows XP x64 Retail
Windows XP x64 Corporate
Windows 2003 x64 license Retail
Windows 2003 x64 Enterprise Corporate
Windows 2003 x64 version Retail
Windows 2003 x64 Standard Corprate
NOTE: This version is not a dupe of WinBeta's Windows Server 2003 AIO
as XiSO's is purely x64, contains a crack, and does not corrupt boot
sectors on 64 bit installations. (WinBeta's AIO 64 bit applications did not
work correctly when booting off the dvd and corrupted the boot sector
while attempting to install)
1. Burn to DVD and reboot to install (you cannot start the setup from
within 32 bit windows.) or start installation from within an existing
64 bit version of Windows.
2. CD Keys: Windows XP x64: B2RBK-7KPT9-4JP6X-QQFWM-PJD6G
Windows XP x64 Corp: VCFQD-V9FX9-46WVH-K3CD4-4J3JM
Windows 2003 Std. x64: V92DP-B38FK-QC97Y-T94VG-6QYCB
Windows 2003 Std. x64 Corp: BXDYG-YQ78C-YXYBG-43KPB-Y9G7M
Windows 2003 Ent. x64: VMDVC-H9RG9-2TFFJ-8QMHQ-8TQ78
Windows 2003 Ent. x64 Corp: BXDYG-YQ78C-YXYBG-43KPB-Y9G7M
3. Run AntiWPA3.cmd in the AntiWPA included to installs activation in
 corporate installs.
Extra Notes:
All microsofts included in this release is only intended for your use if
you own a legal retail to this software. We are not to be held
 license for illegal use/installation of this software. If you choose
to install and test this software and you decide to keep it, you must
purchase a valid license. If you do not own legal license to this
software we will not be held responsible for any charges brought against
you by any software company(s) or people working for any software
company(s). We do not support piracy, we are here only to provide an

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