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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

SYMPA (Send_Your_Mail_Privately_&_Anonymously)


    A multi-function FreeWare to be used ONLY for the following educational / training purposes:
    A New Direct link in the SYMPA browser section will open a PROXY web site for your convenience.
    This web site provides a daily updated PROXY list helping you find a better selection among
    hundreds of proxies.
    The PROXY web site will even open automatically in case the SYMPA's PROXY entry field was
    left empty. 
    The Re-designed internal Tunnel Proxy engine has been improved for speed and reliability.
    SYMPA has a very user-friendly interface along with 2 intercept buttons allowing a visual
    interpretation of all DATA exchange occurring between your PC and the SMTP server.
    Every single byte exchanged between your PC and the SMTP server will be displayed on
    the intercept window.
    You will be able to monitor & analyze all status, errors, return messages between your PC
    and the SMTP server.

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