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Sunday, October 3, 2010

native means that every text, menu, etc. in your final WinBuilder-created PE is taken from the CD (in your native language) which you have defined as source.

This is different from other PE creating software, which usually uses predefined hives, predefined ressources etc.
As a result of this, your PE in the best case looks (usually) English. In worst cases, you also have an English keyboard, English time and date format, etc ...
And for non-English people that is not very comfortable ...

Ex I usually use as the last two name characters of programs I develop. It is just a small reminder on my  logo.
nativeEX is not thought to be a "Production" project wich e.g. delivers a PE with rescue apps etc.

It is thought to deliver the basic functionalities (with some fundamental apps) which can be expanded to a separate project.
One of the most famous and sophisticated child projects is LiveXP

nativeEX always is 'up to date' due to WinBuilder. It uses the latest functionality of the latest WinBuilder version.
Not-yet-published WinBuilder programs can be usually found at

Since several forum's members, espacially "Don Galapo and Lance Pansa" persuaded me to retire, nativeEx_barebone and nativeEx_Core development stopped, and are not longer supported.
But in several weeks you can see here new projects "nativeEx_X_PEEasy" and "nativeEx_7_PEEasy".


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