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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Windows PE 3.0 ISO

*** Make_PE3 Program to Create Portable Windows 7 PE ***

Batch Program Make_PE3.cmd was made to create Windows PE 3.0 ISO Boot Image With PStart Menu for Portable Programs.

As source is used AIK for Windows 7 and additional files and registry entries from Installed Windows 7 OS.

Download - Make-PE3 - mirror ====================================================

Windows PE 3.0 ISO Boot Image With PStart Menu for Portable Programs

Universal PE Booting from RAMDISK for Rescue and Install of XP or Windows 7

Making Windows PE 3.0 ISO using AIK for Windows 7

Requirements to make pe3_x86.iso

  • The Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) for Windows 7
  • Installed 32-bits Windows 7 to supply files to improve Windows PE 3.0
  • Program Make_PE3.cmd to make in 4 min your pe3_x86.iso Boot Image in folder C:\winpe3_x86
Step 1. The Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) for Windows 7

Download KB3AIK_EN.iso from HERE

Use ImgBurn or Nero to Burn the ISO Image on DVD

Install Windows AIK according to:
  • In case of Windows 7 Set User Account Control Off or use R-mouse Menu to Run as Administrator
  • Run STARTCD.EXE from the AIK DVD
  • In case of XP as OS - Install .NET Framework 2.0
  • In case of XP as OS - Install MSXML 6.0
  • Install Windows AIK

Step 2. Get Program Make_PE3.cmd to make pe3_x86.iso

Download - Make-PE3 - mirror

Run the SFX SelfExtractor Make_PE3.exe and use Extract to your Harddisk.

The folder Make_PE3\PE3_mod contains file WIN7_Files.txt and 4 folders:
  • PE3_add - Add your extra non-driver files in subfolder x86 structured as in Windows PE 3.0
  • PE3_reg - x86 subfolder contains 3 predefined Registry files with Windows 7 settings to improve the Registry of Windows PE 3.0
  • WIN7_add - Files needed from Installed Windows 7 are collected by the program in subfolder x86
  • WIN7_drivers - Add your Driver files e.g. for WLAN in folder x86 (recurse scanning allows subfolders with driver files)

The actual filelist used by the program to get files is the generated WIN7_add_files.txt copy in folder WIN7_add\x86

In case of 64-bits Operating System then everywhere folder amd64 is used instead of x86 so that 64-bits can have its own list of files.

For 64-bits Operating System you have to make similar registry files from your own Windows 7 Registry.

Step 3. Run Make_PE3.cmd as Administrator to Create Windows PE 3.0 ISO

pe3.iso of about 155 MB has been created in 2 minutes in folder C:\winpe3_x86

Working Directory Folder C:\winpe3_x86 is Created if it does not exist.

File winpe.wim remains unchanged and is copied as file boot.wim to folder C:\winpe3_x86\ISO\sources

The boot.wim file is mounted by imagex.exe in folder C:\winpe3_x86\mount

Files from WIN7_add\x86 and PE3_add\x86 are added to mount by xcopy.exe, Packages and Drivers are added by Dism.exe

The PE3 SYSTEM and SOFTWARE Registry files are improved with Windows 7 Settings using reg import

Then imagex.exe will Unmount and Commit changes in boot.wim

And finally oscdimg.exe will create the pe3.iso file in folder C:\winpe3_x86

Folders WIN7_add\x86 and AIK_Tools are generated and stay ready for future use.


In Windows 7 OS not using as Administrator results in Errors, 

because using imagex.exe reg.exe and dism.exe is Not allowed by User Account Control.

If you made this mistake, you need before the next run to empty folder C:\winpe3_x86\mount

Step 4. Install pe3.iso as GRUB4DOS boot option on HDD or USB

Use BOOT_IMG.exe to Install pe3.iso of about 155 MB as GRUB4DOS boot option on HDD or USB

Copy folder PStart or U_XP_SET to Root of HDD or USB drive to provide PStart Menu for portable programs.

Download ppApps_Base!.exe from amalux for a nice collection of Portable Programs.

Add additional Portable Programs to folder Progs in folder PStart.

Use PStart > Edit > Add file to modify PStart Menu.

GRUB4DOS menu.lst entry
title Boot pe3.iso - ISO
find --set-root --ignore-floppies /pe3.isomap /pe3.iso (0xff)map --hookroot (0xff)chainloader (0xff)/BOOTMGR

Step 5. Reboot with pe3.iso from GRUB4DOS Menu on HDD or USB

Boot with 155 MB pe3.iso in 30 sec from HDD or in 4 min from USB-stick.

Use MultiRes from PStart PE3 System Menu to adjust the Screen Resolution to 1024 x 768 pixels 

Using ImDisk Install allows to use mounting e.g. XP Setup ISO in a in a Virtual Drive

If desired, Run CmdHere to add Command Prompt Hereto the R-mouse context menu.

Step 6. Install of XP or Windows 7 AFTER booting with pe3.iso
  • If your XP Setup Source is an ISO file, then first install ImDisk driver so that you can mount the ISO in a virtual drive.
  • Use PStart > Edit > Add file to select imdiskinst.exe from U_XP_SET\USB_XP_Setup\makebt folder and Run to install ImDisk driver.
  • Then Launch Notepad from cmd window or from PStart Menu.
  • In Notepad Select File > Open to get the FileSelector which can be used as File Browser for All Files.
  • Then with R-mouse on the ISO file you can use the ImDisk context menu to mount the ISO in a Virtual Drive.

If your Setup Source is a folder on HDD or USB or a CD/DVD drive then you don't need to use ImDisk.

Launch USB_XP_Setup.exe from PStart Menu to prepare your Target drive for Install of XP.

Info USB_XP_Setup.exe of U_XP_SET package

Launch NT6.X fast installer from PStart Menu to prepare your Target drive for Install of Windows 7.

Info NT6.X fast installer of fujianabc XPSETUP.ISO in ImDisk Virtual Drive

 Reduced: 80% of original size [ 800 x 600 ] - Click to view full image

Windows PE 3.0 with PStart Menu for Portable Programs and having Browse for Folder Support
 Reduced: 80% of original size [ 800 x 600 ] - Click to view full image

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*** Update of Make_PE3 package to Create Portable Windows 7 PE ***

  • Added support to use mounted install.wim as Source for making Windows 7 PE without WAIK
  • Changed how to copy bootmgr file, to support case of System Reserved partition
  • Added getsgt.exe and updsgt.exe made by oriensol to Add Seagate DiscWizard to boot.wim
Use of mounted install.wim as Source is now supported for making Windows 7 PE
In that case you have to copy first manually from Setup DVD a few files:
- copy file sources\boot.wim to workfolder win7pe_x86
- copy file bootmgr and folder boot to folder win7pe_x86\ISO
Thanks to oriensol for making addsgtti with getsgt.exe and updsgt.exe
- Tool to Add Seagate DiscWizard to PE3 Wim, Free Acronis TrueImage 11
Required as Source - 32-bits Installed Windows 7 Drive
32-bits Windows 7 Setup DVD can be used as well as Source, but requires to auto-collect AIK_Tools,
by Running once Make_PE3 in Windows 7 OS or environment with Installed Windows 7 AIK
Make_PE3.exe and Make_PE3.cmd can be used in XP or Windows 7 as OS
Not Required anymore - AIK for Windows 7 - KB3AIK_EN.iso - Microsoft - Windows PE 3.0;displaylang=en
Dism.exe of AIK must be version 6.1.7600.16385 (earlier version 7000 gives Errors)
Download - Make-PE3 - mirror
Guide with More Info:

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