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Thursday, October 7, 2010

NT 6.1 tools and tecnique


Tools and technologies
A set of new and updated tools and technologies is available to support global deployment of Windows Vista in the organization. The tools required for completing this scenario are available as part of the Windows Automated Installation Kit (Windows AIK). For information about downloading the Windows AIK, see the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) User's Guide for Windows Vista (

Windows System Image Manager (Windows SIM)
The tool that enables you to create answer files (Unattend.xml) and distribution shared resources or to modify the files contained in a configuration set.
Answer file
A text file that scripts the answers for a series of graphical user interface (GUI) dialog boxes. The answer file for Windows Setup is usually known as Unattend.xml. You can create and modify this answer file by using Windows SIM or the CPI APIs.
Distribution shared resource
An optional set of folders containing files used to customize Windows Vista through an unattended setup answer file. You can use Windows SIM to create distribution shared resources. The distribution share folder must contain at least one of the following folders: $OEM$ Folders, Out-of-Box Drivers, or Packages.
A catalog (.clg) is a binary file that contains the state of the settings and packages in a Windows image.
Language pack
A package containing files, fonts, and other resources that are localized for the given language. Language packs are named
Package Manager
A command-line tool used to add Windows packages, such as service packs, security updates, and language packs, to an offline Windows image file.
International Settings and Configuration tool (Intlcfg.exe)
A command-line tool that changes the language, locale, fonts, and input settings in a Windows image.
A configuration file used during Windows Setup. Lang.ini contains a list of available language packs, the locations of the language packs, and the default language to use during Windows Setup. To modify Lang.ini, use the International Settings and Configuration tool (Intlcfg.exe).
Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE)
A minimal 32-bit operating system with limited services, built on the Windows Vista kernel. Windows PE is used to preinstall and deploy Windows operating systems.
A command-line tool that captures, modifies, and applies installation images for deployment in the organization.
Windows Setup
The program that installs the Windows Vista operating system.
System Preparation tool (Sysprep.exe)
A tool that facilitates image creation and prepares an image for deployment to multiple destination computers.
Windows image
A single compressed file containing a collection of files and folders that duplicate a Windows installation on a disk volume.
Windows Vista is built and distributed as a single image with the new Windows imaging (.wim) file format. The .wim file format can contain multiple images, enabling you to package several custom installations into one file. Windows Vista is released as a multiple SKU image.

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