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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Acronis Product Fails to Perform an Operation with Partition

Due to File System Errors
Check the disk and file system for errors and try to repeat the operation
This article applies to:
  • Acronis True Image Home 2010
  • Acronis Backup and Security 2010
  • Acronis True Image Home 2011
  • Acronis Disk Director 11 (all editions)


  1. You start an operation with partitions, for example, a disk clone with resizing the partition(s);
  2. Acronis product aborts the operation with an error message that includes one of the following:
    • MFT bitmap is corrupted
    • Invalid format
    • Failed to prepare operations
      Error code: 9 'A file system error has been found.'
      458,776 'MFT bitmap is corrupted
    • Failed to prepare operations.
      Error code: 9 'A file system error has been found.' with extended code: 458,780 'Run list is corrupted.'


Acronis product has found a disk error that prevents operation's execution.


First of all, please check the disk for file system errors with the repair parameter:
Check the disk and file system for errors:
  • Go to the Command Prompt (Start-Run -> cmd):
  • Enter the command:chkdsk DISK: /r
    where DISK is the drive letter of the partition you need to check. Please note that checking the C: drive may require you to reboot the machine.
    For example
If the issue persists, please download and install the latest driver update:
  1. Download SnapAPI 586 and install it with Disabled event logging:
  2. After the installation, see if the issue persists.

More information

If the issue persists, please do the following:
  1. Download the snapapi.dll file, which will enable special logging;
  2. Browse to %WINDIR%\system32\ and copy the snapapi.dll file to different folder (so that you could put it back if necessary);
  3. Copy the downloaded snapapi.dll file to %WINDIR%\system32\
  4. Reinstall the previously downloaded SnapAPI 586 and install it with Enabled event logging:
  5. Reproduce the issue and get the log file without closing the error window. The log file will be created on the C:\ partition and have the name in "snapapi[date-time].log" format;
  6. Create a system report as described in AcronisInfo Utility;
  7. Please send your support request to Acronis Customer Central and attach the log and the system report files to your request.

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