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Monday, October 31, 2011

Core status C0000135

on folding@home distributed computing
Main CoreStatus Codes

Folding@home Core Shutdown: FINISHED_UNIT
CoreStatus = 64 (100)
Sending work to server
Core Shutdown: INTERRUPTED CoreStatus = 66 (102)
+ Shutdown requested by user. Exiting.***** Got a SIGTERM signal (15) Killing all core threads Folding@Home Client Shutdown.
Also see GPU Error Codes
There are unexplained reports where this message is received but nobody interrupted the WU.
Folding@home Core Shutdown: BAD_WORK_UNIT CoreStatus = 72 (114) Sending work to server
Possibly memory issues, see:
Folding-community: vgt's post in Folding@Home Common Errors
Folding-community: bad work unit
Folding@home Core Shutdown: EARLY_UNIT_END CoreStatus = 72 (114) Sending work to server
The EARLY_UNIT_END error is returned whenever a WU dies with a known error that can provide useful results. All this error code signifies is that the results can be returned even though the MD calculations failed. The points received are proportional to the work done. The causes can be machine related (see link below). It is also possible that several machines EUE on it at the same point, but that it is completed (100%) by yet another. Folding-community: Uncle_Fungus' post in EUE #771 - Partial Log Pasted
Read more at Early Unit End for descriptions and possible causes.
CoreStatus = 63 (99)
This error has been noted when switching from one version of the Windows SMP to another.
Apparently a WU started with one version of MPI cannot be completed with the other version.
If you need to switch versions, use the -oneunit flag to finish the current WU first or discard the active WU.

Other CoreStatus Codes
CoreStatus = 62 (98)
+ Restarting core (settings changed)
Folding@Home Core Shutdown: CORE_OUTDATED
CoreStatus = 6E (110)
+ Core out of date. Auto updating...
If the new dowloaded core still fails with the same error then it is likely that there is an assignment issue server-side at Stanford. Report the case and delete the WU.
Folding-community: Core Status 6e .. FahCore_7a.exe (not?)
At the extreme you'll need to download the beta core manually for normal operation:
Folding-community: DoubleTop's post in Core Status 6e .. FahCore_7a.exe (not?)
Downloading FAH Core files manually


CoreStatus = C0000135 (-1073741515) Client-core communications error: ERROR 0xc0000135 
This is a sign of more serious problems, shutting down.
Error C0000135 is a Windows error which means it was unable to locate a component.
It could be an installation error if the .dll files used by FAH are not where they are supposed to be.
Also, you may have been infected by a virus, which was partially removed.
GPU Error Codes

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