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Sunday, October 2, 2011

TIB file restore on second machine fails

Problem with ATIH 2011 build 6868Source
No issues with Acronis on my Win 7 Pro 64bit machine...tried a test recovery on my other Win 7 Pro 32bit machine via boot/recovery dvd...everything goes smooth until reboot...then when I choose Windows from the the Acronis boot screen...I get a "Boot Manager Missing" control alt delete ?
Also tried booting from C:drive with boot/recovery CD...same issue
This just recreates the message..."Boot Manager Missing"
The tib file does validate without issue ?
Also restored C: - System Reserve systen drive D: - & MBR....same "Boot Manager Missing"...
Make sure that the system reserved partition is marked active; From the Win7 installation DVD:
- choose install, repair
- launch command prompt,
- SELECT DISK X (where X is the number of the disk where the system is)
- SELECT PARTITION Y (where Y is the partition of the system reserved if you have one, or system if you dont')
How should the two be marked in the recovery - primary or both
D: Reserved Partition
C: Main Installation Drive
System reserved should be primary, active.
C: should be system primary only.
Don't try to change the partitions letters you see on the CD. You can ignore them. Look carefully at the partition labels to understand which is which.
Fix it via the Win 7 installation DVD...but not troble free. After first failure of my try at the DISKPART cmd attempt...I tried the "Repair System Startup" in the DVD screen...however...this failed with an alarming "Windows cannot fix the issues" or something like that. Rebooting and trying the DISKPART steps again resulted another "Boot Manager Missing" at system boot up.
So I rebooted again via DVD and desicded to try the "Repair System Startup" again and with great worked and the PC booted normally. I must have been doing something wrong or choosing the wrong Partition in the DISKPART/CMD methode...but luckily the second "Repair System Startup" worked ?
Although you didn't use DISKPART right, you were lucky that the active partition was indeed active. Then Win7 was able to fix the startup by updating the boot files.
Repairing the startup can take a few passes to work. There are other ways to fix it with the bootrec command in a command prompt but that too takes several commands.

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