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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Seagate Diskwizard and Acronis

DiscWizard is based on an imaging engine provided by Acronis, Seagate programmers will have added behind the scenes extras to it.
Don't use the Acronis cleaning tool unless someone from Acronis says it's OK, again what Seagate might have added to the basic engine might not be recognised by the Acronis cleaner and cause you more problems.
You should definitely uninstall DiskWizard before installing ATI 2012, 2012 uses different disk filters has renamed some of them and they are in different places to that used by TIH 2009 (which is what DW is based on). Make sure you shut down and restart between uninstalling and re-installing, this guarantees that registry entries that are lurking in RAM are not written back to the registry hive as can happen if a restart/boot is performed.

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