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Sunday, October 23, 2011

How radio grew up
Sound of the mics
Here is a rather large (five megabyte) MPEG sound file of many of the microphones on this site. This provides a means of comparing them. To keep the comparison equitable, no processing was used during recordings nor in post. Audio console EQ settings were centered.
Please bear in mind that these samples were recorded over a three-year period in various acoustic environments, most of them favor­able. There are a couple of samples that contain echoes. One sample includes the sound of a fan in the background. At least two samples contain small amounts of AC hum. Apologies are offered.
  1. ENAK Microphone Repair 
  2. Paquette Microphone Museum tour.
  3. Twelve Microphones that Made History by Jim Webb.
  4.  Sennheiser Mics old manuals 
  5. The Microphone Vault (Contemporary and vintage microphone archives)
  6. Neumann’s history of its microphones
  7. “Old Mics,” a superb historical mic site in the Czech Republic
  8. Vintage Broadcast Microphones (Downloadable microphone data sheets)
  9. More

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