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Saturday, October 15, 2011

AMD RaidXpert link doesn't work

http://localhost:25902/amd/ ???
To repair your RAIDXpert shortcut, right click on it and open Properties.  It should open to the "Web Document" tab.  Make sure the URL is:  http://localhost:25902/amd/login.jsp.
For a new shortcut, it is easier to create it on the Desktop and move it to the Start Menu.  Right click the Desktop and select New\Shortcut.  Just enter http://localhost:25902/amd/login.jsp for the "location" and name it what you wish.  Then you can right click it, drag it to the Start Menu, and chose to copy or move it there.  Note, while you are holding the right mouse button down, with the shortcut "attached" hover over the Start Menu and then All Programs untill it opens.  Be patient, it might take a few seconds.
Another easy way to create an internet shortcut is to open your browser to the desired address, http://localhost:25902/amd/login.jsp.  Then click the icon in the Address Bar and drag it to the desktop or directly to the start menu.
There are two related processes (RAIDXpert.exe and RAIDXpertService.exe) that appear (in TaskMgr) to be running just fine.  The drive operation appears to be fully functional, except for this monitoring tool.  In fact, I had a Media Patrol scan going, across a few reboots, and it just kept chugging along even though the web-based RAIDXpert wouldn't load worth diddly.

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