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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Volume Shadow Copy requester

command line:
sfc /scannow
Some steps needed to try to "isolate" this...
1) For "Application", "Security" and "System" lists of events: Eventg Viewer -> Action -> Clear Events List
2) Then rebooting.
3) Checking Event View again to see warning or errors.
4) Again clearing all events, close Event Viewer.
5) After trying a cobian backup task again, checking Eventer View again.
Solved it in a very simple way:
In Cobian Backup 10 program go to:
1. Tools
2. Options
3. General
4. in: Service and Application Control; click on Settings
5. in: Volume Shadow Copy Requester; click on Stop; and than on Uninstall
6. Reboot your PC
7. Repete steps from 1 to 4
8. in: Volume Shadow Copy Requester; click on Install; and than on Start
9. Reboot your PC one last time
10. Make your backup using Cobian 10
Volume Shadow Copy Service stopped working
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