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Monday, October 24, 2011

Windows Worm Doors Cleaner (ports Closer)

WDDC.exe will not be available for a few months from now primarily due to the money it costs me each month (more than 40Euro).
Also, one of the first purposes of firewallleaktester was to make people aware that software firewalls could be bypassed by many ways, point well taken nowadays by both the end users and the vendors themselves. Current security suites are more secure than before, and are able to detect and block the stealthiest malware out there.
I am keeping the domain name though, as firewallleaktester may come back later, probably about security globally and not just about software firewalls.
Download alternative

A small security tweaking program.

Editor : Firewall Leak Tester
Language : English
Release : v1.4.1
System : XP
License : Freeware
The most part of the firewall, particularly the most renowned, use vulnerabilities known in the services of Windows which are allowed by default and that cannot often be made disabled via the configuration of the OS.Even with these services the security of Microsoft is always displayed in Internet in general...
It is for it that WWDC.exe closes ports exploited by lamers (wrong pirates) or virus of your machine.
WWDC.exe is free light and in English, but simple of use, he resembles Bug Off as for the subject of use / installation.
You should Enable all offered Ports..???

Comodo picks up wwdc.exe as unclassified malware

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